Monday, October 09, 2006

Still No Pics

So I splurged and bought good batteries for my camera....have not yet had a chance to to take any pictures. Life has been a little hectic the last week, what with being sick and the issues my roommates are going through. Will do my best to post some updated piccies soon..I promise!!! I was bad on Thursday...I started yet another of my HAED charts. I started the QS ACEO Earth. I plan on have all 4 elements on one piece of evenweave. I have broken down and followed the recommended method of parking. I have managed to get over 600 stitches into it so far. It seems to take a little longer at the moment, but the result is more satisifying. I may only have 6 10x10 squares completed, but I feel as if I have actually accomplished something. Looks like I will be using the same method on the other...If I don't break down again and start my 4th HAED chart :)) My Christmas knitting progresses slowly. I have one scarf knitted. I'm still struggling to find a children's sweater large enough for my "niece". I am half way finished another scarf but that does not count because that scarf is for me. Since I have gotten the itch back for cross-stitching, I have the desire but not the will to put down the cross-stitching and pick up the knitting needles.
I have also come to the conclusion that it is time to find another job. I have been saying it for months, even spread around a few resumes, but did not really push for getting out of my current position. The situation with the "ex" made it too stressful to contemplate added stress of switching jobs. As well, because of my RRSP contribution from my company, I was stuck there until June. Once we were well and truely separated, I couldn't afford to go to any other job unless it was a like wage. Now, I just want out. I can not take the politics of the upper and lower management. I can not take the unreasonable and outrageous antics of the customers. There is nothing more stressfully then trying to get some 80 year with a thick accent who has never even touched a computer before to do a simple task like clicking on the Start button. Ah well, hopefully I will be out of there soon.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Barely Breathing

I am sick!!! I hate colds. The achey, fevery shivering. The hacking, choking coughs. Able to breathe one second, plugged up solid the next. With all that, not much stitching progress to report. It is kinda dropped on the way side while I work on my Christmas knitting. A couple sweaters, some scarves and socks and I will all set. If only I could find a sweater pattern for an eight year old girl. I have the perfect yarn, I have yet to find a pattern that would work. Something she would like, and something the right size. Still no pictures yet. Been having a few issues with my camera. First it decides not to work. Okay fine, I have an extended warranty on the thing. I take it back to the place for said warranty, and it decides to play nice again. Tomorrow I will take it out and give it a really good test. If it don't work, back it goes, this time whether it decides to work or not. So hopefully, Saturday I will have pics. Current cross-stitch projects and my knitting. WooHoo!!!!

Friday, September 08, 2006

An Update, but no pics this time

Well, it is now September. I can not believe how fast things are moving around me. I feel like I'm standing still watching everything fly by me at times. I have been steadily working between my 2 HAEDs. I have set a 2 week rotation up currently. 2 weeks on one project, then 2 weeks on the next. I have ordered my next 2 patterns. One was meant to be a Christmas present, but there is no way it will be done in time. So, either a birthday present or for Christmas of next year. As I reminded myself this week, that time of year is approaching much too quickly for my liking. Since I will not have the cross-stitching I want done by December, I will be whipping out my knitting needles. I can knit up some sweaters quick enough for the kids. I certainly have enough yarn stashed at my parents' house. Now that I have broken down and put new batteries in my camera, I will soon have pictures of my current work. Maybe even a few pictures of my knitting project. Work has become nasty. Short staffed and the calls overflowing, the powers that be have decided on a 44 hour work week. Normally not an issue, but my shift is 1:00pmto 9:30pm. I can see adding 4 hours each week, only a hour on 4 shifts, but why, oh why put that hour at the end of my shift. Call volume is down and the extra help at that time it is not needed. If I wasn't still trying to dig myself out of the hole my ex has me buried in, I would be out of there in an instant. Ah well, soon enough I will be out of there. 6 years is too long as it is for a call center!! Anyway, just a quick update. Most likely tomorrow I will have a new update with pictures!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Depression...A joy Ain't It!!!

Wonderful depression, just when you figure you have it beat, it sneaks up on and knocks you on your @$$. Here I am, almost 2 months away from one of the worst days of my life and I feel at times as if no time at all has past. I break out in tears out of the blue. A brief passing of his vehicle one day has me in the deep blues for 4 days. How can someone have such power over another. It's been so long since I have been myself, that I have forgotten how to be myself. The one true bright spot in my life right now, is my friends' 2 year old son. With him, I can forget all that has happened. I can forget that I need to make plans for a future. I can live in the present and be myself, if only for a short time. I need to somehow get out and meet someone. Someone who I can have fun with, go out with once in a while. Nothing serious, just someone that help fill some empty time so I am not obsessing over HIM.
All well, on to better things and the other thing that is keeping me sane!! My newest obsession and love of my life is Heaven and Earth Designs. I can see my never doing any other kind of stitching. I received my charts almost 4 weeks ago. I will have been working on my Three Graces by Josephine Wall for 4 weeks on Friday. I am loving every tiny, solitary stitch I take. I will try to post a picture soon. I need to try to locate the battery charger for the batteries for my computer. I may just break down and buy a few batteries until then. I pack my charger away somewhere and have no idea where to look for it now. Almost 4 full weeks and I still have not completed a single full page of the chart. 36 pages, I can see this going on for a long, long time. Not that I'm complaining. But I can see me moving on to the other design shortly. As well as purchasing a few others. I'm thinking of setting a up a rotation, trying to work on just HAED charts for a short while. I figure that with all I have been through, I deserve to spoil myself a little. What better way then with a start of stash of HAED charts!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

WIPs At Last

Finally, a few pictures to share of my currently WIPs and a few finished objects. This is Teresa Wentzler's Woodland Fairy. I started it last June and finished it in early October. I loved working on this piece. It is destined to become a keepsake pillow for my friend's daughter born in Feburary. The only thing I left out from the pattern was the frenchknots. I've been stitching for over 10 years and I still can't do a frenchknot to save my life. All well, maybe someday. As included in my post today, current pictures of Mirabila's The Dreamer, and Stoney Creek's Confetti Clown. I have made the promise to myself that I will finishe Confetti Clown before starting my HAED, once they arrive. I will be severly tempted to start as soon as it arrives, so I'm trying my best to finish it now.

Thank you for the kind comments!! I am so happy that some one is reading my posts. I truely do appreciate your kind words. I have come to the realization the last few days that I will be much better off. I will deserve so much more. And he certainly does not deserve this continued power over me! :)) I will survive as the song goes.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

I am Still Breathing

Last month was unbelieveable stress and chaotic for me, hence no blog update. I have now moved, staying with friends until/if my parents can renovate my old bedroom. I am painfully single. I still love him, I miss him desperately, but I have not heard from him at all in the week and half since we went our separate ways. His goodbye that days was less then half assed. Obviously my continued love is in vain. Hopefully I will be able to move on soon. I deserve better. I certainly do no want to be alone for the rest of my life. I definitely want at least one child and I'm not getting any younger.
Ah well, on too my stitching news. I have put The Dreamer aside for the moment to work on Confetei Clown from Stoney Creek. I have stitch in once before. It was my first large project on Aida which isn't saying much as it is only 7 by 11 inchs approximately. I am enjoying it as much this time as the last. I have also just purchased my first Heaven and Earth Designs patterns. They certainly will not be the last I purchase. I can see me going exclusively to these designs. The details and colours used these designs as well as the complexity seem to suit my stitching style completely. And the fact that they are all fantasy designs does not hurt at all either.
Well, I will post pictures as soon as I can. Updated pictures of my 3 current projects. I have promised myself to finish at least one of the 3 before I start one of my HAED designs.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Yes I am still Breathing

And here I had thought 4 days was a stretch without posting on my blog. It's been what...3 weeks!?! I promise to try better. I don't think anyone is reading this yet, but I still promise. Rapunzel has fallen to the way side. I thought I would get bored with the grey of walls, turns out not. I got bored with the green of the curtain. I think green gets to me a little easier then it did before since I finished TW's Woodland Fairy last fall. I got real sick of green real quick with that project, though she turned out perfect. I have replaced Rapunzel for now with my first Mirabilia design, The Dreamer. The colours are beautiful and I plan on using that colour scheme to decorate my room when I'm finally able to move back home. I plan to have a Heaven and Earth desgin shortly. I will then start a rotation and see how that goes. I'll have to move quick, Christmas unfortunately, will be here before I know it. Lots of pressies to make this year!!
I have to make this quick, thunder is rumbling in the sky as I type this. Being a Computer Technical Support Agent, I should know better then to have my computer on during a thunder storm. It has been unusually hot for about a week. It feels more like then end of June then the end of May. It's suppose to be cooler tomorrow, so we'll see. As the thunder rumbles once again, I close for today!! Type at ya soon!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Slacking Already

So it would appear as the title of my post states. I started this blog on Friday, and here I am, waiting four days to add a post. Not something I hope to continue with for certain! Rapunzel progressing. I started Rapunzel approximately 5 weeks ago and she is approximately halfway finished. I am anxiously awaiting my income tax return in order for a bit of shopping. I have been drooling over Heaven and Earth Designs charts for several months now. They look right up my alley. Small, simple patterns do not normally appeal to me. I prefer the challenge of a large, many colour, multi-stitch design. This is likely why Teresa Wentzler is my favourite designer. All those blended colours, the large graphs with a few beads or complicated stitches.

Now for a little on the more later comment from my last post. As my brief description states, I am in the midst of a crisis. The man I love and live with sometime ago stated that because of the ghosts of his past, does not wish to be in any relationship right now. I asked him to take some time and think things through before he threw away what we had. As of Sunday, he states that he is happy with the way things are, with us just being friends, for now. I have yet to find out what the for now means, hopefully I will know by tomorrow. As it stands now, we will be moving at the end of June. I don't know where he will be going, likely moving in with his sister. I will be moving in with some friends. Not bad thing considering that they 2 of the sweetest boys ever. One 18 months and one only 5 weeks old :))

Friday, April 28, 2006

Welcome to My Blog!

As the title of my post states...Welcome!! For just over a year now I have been reading other blogs about knitting and cross-stitching, two of my favourite pastimes. Finally, I am taking the plunge and starting my own. To post about my cross-stitching and the odd knitting or crochet projects for others to enjoy as I have enjoyed reading theirs. As with other bligs, I will also sharing parts of my life. What better way to vent then to have my own spot on the internet to do so! I am a 30 something, proud Canadian, currently single, computer technical support agent. The main reason I have started this blog now is because of my current position in life. More on that later. I have been knitting since I was five, and cross-stitching for just over 10 years. I taught myself how to cross-stitch from a simple kit my parents purchased for me. My first project after that was a pheasant/farm scene I stitched on a sweatshirt with waste canvas. I love fantasy patterns and of course my favourite designer is Teresa Wentzler. In fact, those are the only projects I have done in the last year or so are her designs. I'm a one at a timer, though having read other cross-stitch blogs recently, I am contemplating starting a rotation of more than one project. Especially with my now cemented plans for Christmas gifts. If I want to get them done in time for Christmas, I'm going to have to start more than one at a time.