Monday, October 09, 2006

Still No Pics

So I splurged and bought good batteries for my camera....have not yet had a chance to to take any pictures. Life has been a little hectic the last week, what with being sick and the issues my roommates are going through. Will do my best to post some updated piccies soon..I promise!!! I was bad on Thursday...I started yet another of my HAED charts. I started the QS ACEO Earth. I plan on have all 4 elements on one piece of evenweave. I have broken down and followed the recommended method of parking. I have managed to get over 600 stitches into it so far. It seems to take a little longer at the moment, but the result is more satisifying. I may only have 6 10x10 squares completed, but I feel as if I have actually accomplished something. Looks like I will be using the same method on the other...If I don't break down again and start my 4th HAED chart :)) My Christmas knitting progresses slowly. I have one scarf knitted. I'm still struggling to find a children's sweater large enough for my "niece". I am half way finished another scarf but that does not count because that scarf is for me. Since I have gotten the itch back for cross-stitching, I have the desire but not the will to put down the cross-stitching and pick up the knitting needles.
I have also come to the conclusion that it is time to find another job. I have been saying it for months, even spread around a few resumes, but did not really push for getting out of my current position. The situation with the "ex" made it too stressful to contemplate added stress of switching jobs. As well, because of my RRSP contribution from my company, I was stuck there until June. Once we were well and truely separated, I couldn't afford to go to any other job unless it was a like wage. Now, I just want out. I can not take the politics of the upper and lower management. I can not take the unreasonable and outrageous antics of the customers. There is nothing more stressfully then trying to get some 80 year with a thick accent who has never even touched a computer before to do a simple task like clicking on the Start button. Ah well, hopefully I will be out of there soon.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Barely Breathing

I am sick!!! I hate colds. The achey, fevery shivering. The hacking, choking coughs. Able to breathe one second, plugged up solid the next. With all that, not much stitching progress to report. It is kinda dropped on the way side while I work on my Christmas knitting. A couple sweaters, some scarves and socks and I will all set. If only I could find a sweater pattern for an eight year old girl. I have the perfect yarn, I have yet to find a pattern that would work. Something she would like, and something the right size. Still no pictures yet. Been having a few issues with my camera. First it decides not to work. Okay fine, I have an extended warranty on the thing. I take it back to the place for said warranty, and it decides to play nice again. Tomorrow I will take it out and give it a really good test. If it don't work, back it goes, this time whether it decides to work or not. So hopefully, Saturday I will have pics. Current cross-stitch projects and my knitting. WooHoo!!!!