Friday, March 06, 2009

Cross- Stitch, a Zen art form?

Well, my stitching itch is back and in full force. Who knew that receiving a skein of silk and a packet of beads was enough to jump start my interest in Taj Mahal again!! It was the last bit of back ordered items for the peice, certainly not needed to continue but will be needed to complete the project. I plan on a stitch-a-thon weekend as the Pizza Man's kids are home and he is working all weekend. I will be sure to provide a before and after picture for this weekend's work.

In regards to the title of my post, many of my co-workers have ohhed and ahhed over the few projects I drag around with me and once and while bring out during breaks or lunchs. One in particular said something about my cross-stitching that has stuck. He called my cross-stitching a form of mediation. After pondering this idea, I have to agree. I know I can not be the only one who once in a stitching groove, losses myself completely within my work. Everything around me is blocked out and I completely lose track of the time. Such sessions are ended with a feeling of relaxation and a sense of accomplishment. No wonder we turn to our cross-stitch again and again!! Not only do we create beautiful pieces of artwork, that for me fulfills the frustrated artist in me, but we are allowing ourselves to relax and unwind, making for a healthier and happy us!!! Got to love a good hobby/obession!!!