Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Falling a little bit behind...

Just a small slip from blogging, but that can best be explained by the holidays I guess. As everyone knows, this is a busy time of year. All things are progressing smoothly. The new relationship still grows steady stronger, if still at the same slow pace. This is frustrating at times as I have mentioned. But also strangely refreshing, and very reassurring. Because things are progressing slowly, we both know that this is want we want and that it's what the other wants as well. There is no second guessing or wondering and worrying if things are going well for us both.
Stitching is progressing as well!! A few weeks back I started my first Chatelaine design. I am totally in love with the silk threads and the beads add so much glitter and glam to the piece. My first is the Taj Mahal Mandala and I have the Egypt Mandala waiting in the works. I will not even start stashing for that one until the first is finished. Which I have to say will not take long!! I promise to have a picture of if shortly. Though I doubt a picture will be able to do it justice. I read the intructions for this piece very carefully, and I have to say that I just can't follow them exactly. Leaving the speciallity stitches and beading to the very end would be the same as leaving all the backstitching until the end. I would get all the cross-stitching done, and then it would get thrown into a corner during the beading process. But I don't feel too bad about beading as I go when I see from other examples on the internet that I'm not the only person doing so!!
So again, pictures soon!! I promise!!! And more frequent postings as well!!!