Friday, April 28, 2006

Welcome to My Blog!

As the title of my post states...Welcome!! For just over a year now I have been reading other blogs about knitting and cross-stitching, two of my favourite pastimes. Finally, I am taking the plunge and starting my own. To post about my cross-stitching and the odd knitting or crochet projects for others to enjoy as I have enjoyed reading theirs. As with other bligs, I will also sharing parts of my life. What better way to vent then to have my own spot on the internet to do so! I am a 30 something, proud Canadian, currently single, computer technical support agent. The main reason I have started this blog now is because of my current position in life. More on that later. I have been knitting since I was five, and cross-stitching for just over 10 years. I taught myself how to cross-stitch from a simple kit my parents purchased for me. My first project after that was a pheasant/farm scene I stitched on a sweatshirt with waste canvas. I love fantasy patterns and of course my favourite designer is Teresa Wentzler. In fact, those are the only projects I have done in the last year or so are her designs. I'm a one at a timer, though having read other cross-stitch blogs recently, I am contemplating starting a rotation of more than one project. Especially with my now cemented plans for Christmas gifts. If I want to get them done in time for Christmas, I'm going to have to start more than one at a time.

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