Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Yes I am still Breathing

And here I had thought 4 days was a stretch without posting on my blog. It's been what...3 weeks!?! I promise to try better. I don't think anyone is reading this yet, but I still promise. Rapunzel has fallen to the way side. I thought I would get bored with the grey of walls, turns out not. I got bored with the green of the curtain. I think green gets to me a little easier then it did before since I finished TW's Woodland Fairy last fall. I got real sick of green real quick with that project, though she turned out perfect. I have replaced Rapunzel for now with my first Mirabilia design, The Dreamer. The colours are beautiful and I plan on using that colour scheme to decorate my room when I'm finally able to move back home. I plan to have a Heaven and Earth desgin shortly. I will then start a rotation and see how that goes. I'll have to move quick, Christmas unfortunately, will be here before I know it. Lots of pressies to make this year!!
I have to make this quick, thunder is rumbling in the sky as I type this. Being a Computer Technical Support Agent, I should know better then to have my computer on during a thunder storm. It has been unusually hot for about a week. It feels more like then end of June then the end of May. It's suppose to be cooler tomorrow, so we'll see. As the thunder rumbles once again, I close for today!! Type at ya soon!!

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