Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Yes I am still Breathing

And here I had thought 4 days was a stretch without posting on my blog. It's been what...3 weeks!?! I promise to try better. I don't think anyone is reading this yet, but I still promise. Rapunzel has fallen to the way side. I thought I would get bored with the grey of walls, turns out not. I got bored with the green of the curtain. I think green gets to me a little easier then it did before since I finished TW's Woodland Fairy last fall. I got real sick of green real quick with that project, though she turned out perfect. I have replaced Rapunzel for now with my first Mirabilia design, The Dreamer. The colours are beautiful and I plan on using that colour scheme to decorate my room when I'm finally able to move back home. I plan to have a Heaven and Earth desgin shortly. I will then start a rotation and see how that goes. I'll have to move quick, Christmas unfortunately, will be here before I know it. Lots of pressies to make this year!!
I have to make this quick, thunder is rumbling in the sky as I type this. Being a Computer Technical Support Agent, I should know better then to have my computer on during a thunder storm. It has been unusually hot for about a week. It feels more like then end of June then the end of May. It's suppose to be cooler tomorrow, so we'll see. As the thunder rumbles once again, I close for today!! Type at ya soon!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Slacking Already

So it would appear as the title of my post states. I started this blog on Friday, and here I am, waiting four days to add a post. Not something I hope to continue with for certain! Rapunzel progressing. I started Rapunzel approximately 5 weeks ago and she is approximately halfway finished. I am anxiously awaiting my income tax return in order for a bit of shopping. I have been drooling over Heaven and Earth Designs charts for several months now. They look right up my alley. Small, simple patterns do not normally appeal to me. I prefer the challenge of a large, many colour, multi-stitch design. This is likely why Teresa Wentzler is my favourite designer. All those blended colours, the large graphs with a few beads or complicated stitches.

Now for a little on the more later comment from my last post. As my brief description states, I am in the midst of a crisis. The man I love and live with sometime ago stated that because of the ghosts of his past, does not wish to be in any relationship right now. I asked him to take some time and think things through before he threw away what we had. As of Sunday, he states that he is happy with the way things are, with us just being friends, for now. I have yet to find out what the for now means, hopefully I will know by tomorrow. As it stands now, we will be moving at the end of June. I don't know where he will be going, likely moving in with his sister. I will be moving in with some friends. Not bad thing considering that they 2 of the sweetest boys ever. One 18 months and one only 5 weeks old :))