Thursday, October 05, 2006

Barely Breathing

I am sick!!! I hate colds. The achey, fevery shivering. The hacking, choking coughs. Able to breathe one second, plugged up solid the next. With all that, not much stitching progress to report. It is kinda dropped on the way side while I work on my Christmas knitting. A couple sweaters, some scarves and socks and I will all set. If only I could find a sweater pattern for an eight year old girl. I have the perfect yarn, I have yet to find a pattern that would work. Something she would like, and something the right size. Still no pictures yet. Been having a few issues with my camera. First it decides not to work. Okay fine, I have an extended warranty on the thing. I take it back to the place for said warranty, and it decides to play nice again. Tomorrow I will take it out and give it a really good test. If it don't work, back it goes, this time whether it decides to work or not. So hopefully, Saturday I will have pics. Current cross-stitch projects and my knitting. WooHoo!!!!

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