Friday, September 08, 2006

An Update, but no pics this time

Well, it is now September. I can not believe how fast things are moving around me. I feel like I'm standing still watching everything fly by me at times. I have been steadily working between my 2 HAEDs. I have set a 2 week rotation up currently. 2 weeks on one project, then 2 weeks on the next. I have ordered my next 2 patterns. One was meant to be a Christmas present, but there is no way it will be done in time. So, either a birthday present or for Christmas of next year. As I reminded myself this week, that time of year is approaching much too quickly for my liking. Since I will not have the cross-stitching I want done by December, I will be whipping out my knitting needles. I can knit up some sweaters quick enough for the kids. I certainly have enough yarn stashed at my parents' house. Now that I have broken down and put new batteries in my camera, I will soon have pictures of my current work. Maybe even a few pictures of my knitting project. Work has become nasty. Short staffed and the calls overflowing, the powers that be have decided on a 44 hour work week. Normally not an issue, but my shift is 1:00pmto 9:30pm. I can see adding 4 hours each week, only a hour on 4 shifts, but why, oh why put that hour at the end of my shift. Call volume is down and the extra help at that time it is not needed. If I wasn't still trying to dig myself out of the hole my ex has me buried in, I would be out of there in an instant. Ah well, soon enough I will be out of there. 6 years is too long as it is for a call center!! Anyway, just a quick update. Most likely tomorrow I will have a new update with pictures!!

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Rebecca said...

Can't wait to see the updates! Make sure to find some time in early October to come out for a stitch-a-long!