Tuesday, January 16, 2007

New Year means Resolution!!

Which means I will be trying to post here more often. I hope all had a good Christmas and New Years. Mine was short and sweet. Bad memories from last's break up made the holidays a little hard to bare. Depression struck when the ex called and wanted to meet up for coffee. It was tough, but I survived and I'm better off for it.
I will have pictures shortly. I currently have all 4 of my HAED charts on the go...I'm being ambitious in trying to have one completed for a Christmas present. I finished my knitting, just barely in time...only to start 2 days after the holidays I started knitting again for next year. I have a new toy!! I got myself a new notebook computer on Friday. I went into Circiut City for a new mouse and came out with a computer...so much for my debt diet. Oh well, I was starting to look for a new one anyway. Obviously with my new toy, I will be doing lots more online stuff...maybe start getting creative with my site here....I think I need to add some links and blinkies.
We will be moving very shortly. My friends have bought a house, apparently much smaller than this one. They have invited me to go with them, and I will for now. We'll see if there is room for me or if I will be moving back in with my folks shortly.
Well enough for now...I'll pull out my camera tomorrow and take some pics and post them shortly!!!

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Rebecca (AKA - Rebel In Ontario) said...

Happy New Year to you as well! Glad to see you back in the online world, I was starting to lose hope! Glad to hear your survived the holidays and are looking forward to a brighter, happier 2007! When you have a free day, please be sure to make plans to bring one of your projects on the go over to Camden East and we will sit and stitch together. Keep up with the blogging...