Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just a quick drop in!!

Just a quick drop into my blog today. I'm on my last break for the day at work, and anxiously waiting for the clock to show home time!! Not much on the stitching front to report. Suddenly out of the blue, I have lost my stitching drive. I knew it was starting when working on Taj Mahal. I wasn't bored with it, but I couldn't decided where to go next when I finished a colour or section. I thought that after working on it for a 2 weeks straight, maybe I just needed a little break and pick up one of my HAED QS that has been lingering untouched for so very long. I stitched for all of 2 nights on it and haven't picked it up since. I am now on my 5 day with no stitching. Not that I need another project but maybe a new start is needed. I will have to dig through the stash to see what I have on hand. I'm on the stash wagon at the moment until I finish some of my WIPs and UFOs, but I certainly have enough stash that I can start something and not purchase a new chart or fabric!!

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